Riders of Destiny

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Child Jockey

Firman is just starting out as a jockey. His father left the family and his mother cannot feed him, so he lives with relatives. The young riders race their horses for around one hundred days every year, and so their school education suffers badly.

Rider of Destiny

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Child Jockey

Sila is one of the most in-demand jockeys of all the young riders. “He and his horse have become absolutely one”, say the rich horse owners. His father placed him on a horse for the first time when he was 2. Sila’s parents no longer have to work, because the money their young son earns takes care of the whole family.

Rider of Destiny

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The Photographer

Romi Perbawa is an Indonesian photographer whose powerful images have been printed world wide. He has been accompanying the child jockeys for more than seven years and has brought this unfamiliar and frightening world to our attention.

Photographer of Destiny

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