Riders of Destiny


Cinema World Premiere 2019

Cinema Premiere Germany 2022

10. Juni 2022 Köln

• Filmhaus Kino 5:00pm

11. Juni 2022 Düsseldorf

• Metropol Kino 2:30pm

12. Juni Ibbenbüren

• Apollo Kino 11:00am

12. Juni Münster

• Cinema 3:00pm

13.Juni Essen

• Filmstudio 5:30pm

14.Juni Dortmund

• Sweet Sixteen Kino 5:00pm

14.Juni Bochum

• Endstation Kino 8:00pm

The new Documentary of Seventyone Films and Encompass Films follows the Child Jockeys of Sumbawa in Indonesia.

A Film by Michael Niermann



A Co Production Seventyone Films / Encompass Films


„The way to heaven is on horseback.“

An old saying that rings true - unless you are a five-year-old jockey in Indonesia, risking life and limb in every race. For them, it's a horseback ride through hell... Riders of Destiny tells the story of Sila and Firman, two child jockeys living in the impoverished island of Sumbawa, where horse racing with young children is a long-established tradition. The stakes are high, but it’s the riders who pay the price.

Riders of Destiny

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